Location of Firebaugh

Firebaugh is located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley in California.  The gorgeous view includes the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the East and the coastal mountain range to the West.  Our city of 6,743 borders the San Joaquin River as it makes it’s turn north to the San Francisco Bay.  The Firebaugh community is located in both Fresno and Madera County.

For those who love a central location for travel and outdoor recreation, but enjoy the quality of rural life, Firebaugh is for you!  Three major lakes are within an hour’s  drive for water skiing, fishing, sailing, and boating.  Three national parks are within two hours.  The Pacific Ocean is within two hours for sunning, surfing, great seafood, or just relaxing on the beach for a day.  Another favorite get-away, “Baghdad by the Bay”, San Francisco, is a beautiful two hour drive.

Fresno, a 40-minute drive East, offers major shopping and attractions.  There are two museums, a zoo, city parks, a cultural arts center, a convention center, and four major malls.  There are also universities and colleges for professional advancement.

Firebaugh’s main industry is agriculture, as evidenced by the annual “Harvest Festival”.  The mild climate, rich soil and sophisticated water delivery system has made Madera and Fresno Counties the world’s breadbasket.  The main crops are tomatoes, cotton, rice, alfalfa, almonds, and vineyards.  Firebaugh is also home to one of the largest garlic/onion dehydration plants in the world.

Firebaugh’s history began with Andrew Firebaugh as a proprietor of a ferry to cross the San Joaquin River.  It also had commerce from the enterprises of the Miller and Lux cattle Business.  Firebaugh has evolved into a quaint, friendly community with a large Hispanic population.

The affordability of homes is a definite plus.  Either in Firebaugh, or the close communities of Madera, Chowchilla, Los Baños, or Fresno, you will find homes that can be purchased well below the price of homes in other parts of California.

District Demographics

The Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District currently serves 2,266 students in grades K-12.  Students are also served in pre-school and adult education settings.  The student population is 95.1% Hispanic, 4.41% White, .26% African American, .18% Asian, .04% Islander. The English Learner population is 38%. The number of migrant students currently enrolled is 11% of the population.  There is one public school district in the community.  

The following are the schools that make up the  Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District:

Hazel M. Bailey Primary School..........Pre-2nd
A.E. Mills Intermediate School............3rd-5th
Firebaugh Middle School......................6th-8th
Firebaugh High School...........................9th-12th
El Puente Continuation High.................9th-12th
Adult Education

The District emphasizes a strong strand of basic skills throughout its elementary schools in the areas of reading, language arts and mathematics.  Each school campus has a technology lab, as well as classroom computers.  The District offers a wide variety of programs in the use of technology, agriculture, pure science, career awareness, vocational training, physical education, foreign language, art, social science, honor and advanced placement instruction, gifted and talented education and business courses.

Application Process

Thank you for considering Firebaugh-Las Deltas to further your career in education. 

Your application becomes active as soon as all necessary information is received. Please provide the following items:

* District Application

*  University Transcripts

*  Evidence of passage of CBEST

* Copy of approrite California Credentials held/

English Learner Authorization

* NCLB Compliant 

* Personal Resume

* Current Letters of Recomendation

If you are selected as one of the final candidates for a teaching position through either paper screening or recruitment fairs, you will be contacted and asked to come to the school site.  Personal interviews may be conducted at a school site or the district office.  You will interview with the assistant superintendent, or superintendent for the final decision.

Firebaugh-Las Deltas USD is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from all persons, reardless of race, religion, sex, national orgin, handicap or age.

Any application material or questions may be sent to Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District, 1976 Morris Kyle Drive, Firebaugh, CA 93622.  The telephone number at the district office is (559) 659-1476; the fax number is (559) 659-0110;  web site www.fldusd.org