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What is a Educationally Related Mental Health Counselor?

Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) are mental health services that are provided to students receiving special education services. These services are provided when students have significant socio-emotional or socio- behavioral needs that impede their ability to benefit from their special education services.

There must be a direct relationship between the emotional/behavioral characteristics and the lack of benefit from special education services. This may be shown as lack of progress on goals/objectives, declining grades, absences, suspensions, etc. Referral is appropriate when these concerns are determined to be associated with a condition that cannot be described solely as a temporary adjustment problem.

Students eligible for mental health services are not just those identified as “Emotionally Disturbed” but can be those of any disability category. This service is provided to students with IEP’s who have emotional or behavioral issues which impede their ability to benefit from special education.

These services may be provided on the school campus in the form of school based counseling. Educationally Related Mental Health Services, once referred and approved, will be documented in the IEP. The services will be regularly monitored for efficacy and due diligence. Adjustments in the level of service provided will be made as appropriate. An IEP will be held and the service will be discontinued when the behavioral goals are met signaling that the services are no longer needed for the student to benefit from special education services.