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What is the SHINES Program?

Our Strategically Helpful Interventions Nurturing Educational Success (SHINES) program is based on the 24 California adapted Evidence Based Practices for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our program has both SDC and RSP students. The students in SDC are in their SDC class and the students who are RSP students are in general education classroom in the morning through lunch and we have trained aides that push into their general education classes and support the students in the class depending on individual needs. In the afternoon the students are in the SHINES classroom where they work in rotating stations that include communication, academics, social skills, nutrition and sensory awareness. We work on A and B choices using the Superflex curriculum which has been instrumental in assisting with behavior difficulties. In this room we have a quiet zone to deescalate and we have a sensory/motor area. Within the group there are a range of abilities and we group them within their rotation of stations with similar ability level peers. While there is an academic station the main focus is communication and social skills within the SHINES program. Our hope is that our students will gain the tools and knowledge necessary to be mainstreamed full day into a general education classroom and essentially into the world to go on to live full, successful and meaningful lives.