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Technology Services » Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District

Employee “Acceptance Use Agreement” of Technology, Network and Internet Services

The Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District recognizes that technological resources can enhance employee performance by offering effective tools to assist in providing a quality instructional program, facilitating communications with parents/guardians, students, and the community, supporting district and school operations, and improving access to and exchange of information.

The district reserves the right to monitor use of the district’s systems without notice or consent for the purpose of ensuring proper use.  Computer files and electronic communications, including email, are not private.  All district computers with Internet access have a technology protection measure that prevents access to visual depictions that are obscene or child pornography: however, technology protection measure can and will be disabled during use by employees to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.

Employees are authorized to use district equipment to access the Internet or other online services in accordance with Board policy and the user obligations and responsibilities specified below.

  1. The employee in whose name an online services account is issued is responsible for its proper use at all times.  Employees shall keep account information, home addresses, and telephone numbers private.  They shall use the system only under the account number to which they have been assigned.
  2. Employees shall use the system safely, and primarily for work-related purposes.
  3. Employees shall not access, post, submit, publish, or display harmful or inappropriate matter that is threatening, obscene, disruptive, or sexually explicit, or that could be construed as harassment or disparagement of others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs.
  4. Employees shall not use the system to promote unethical practices or any activity prohibited by law, Board policy, or administrative regulations.
  5. Employees shall not use the system to engage in commercial or other for-profit activities without permission of the Superintendent or designee.
  6. Copyrighted material shall be posted online only in accordance with applicable copyright laws.
  7. Employees shall not attempt to interfere with other users’ ability to send or receive email, nor shall they attempt to read, delete, copy modify, or forge other users’ email.
  8. Employees shall not develop any classroom or work-related web sites, blogs, forums, or similar online communications representing the district or using district equipment or resources without permission of the Superintendent or designee.  Such sites shall be subject to rules and guidelines established for district online publishing activities including, but not limited to, copyright laws, privacy rights, and prohibitions against obscene, libelous, and slanderous content.  Because of the unfiltered nature of blogs, any such site shall include a disclaimer that the district is not responsible for the content of the messages.  The district retains the right to delete material on any such online communications.
  9. Users shall report any security problem or measure of the services to the Superintendent or designee.
  10. Technological resources shall not be used to transmit information about students, employees, or district operations without authority.

I understand and agree to comply with this Employee Acceptance User Agreement.  I understand that any inappropriate use may result in a cancellation of user privileges, disciplinary action, and/or legal action in accordance with law, Board policy, and administrative regulation.